Worms massacre of 1096

Throughout the two centuries of the Templars and the five centuries that occupied the Crusades, many would die – Christian, Moslem and Jew alike. Some would die in battle and many others would die innocent victims of a religious, political and economic power struggle that would involve all of Europe and the East.

Many tales are told of the victories of the Crusaders in capturing the Holy Land from those, who were to them infidels but few accounts are given of the brutalities of those who would fight in the name of Christ.

Below is such an account.

The Massacre At Worms

The town of Worms lies between the cities of Mannheim and Mainz in the Rhineland. Here in the graveyard of the town lie the bodies of 800 Jews massacred in the name of Christ and the Crusades that began in the year 1096 AD

Count Emich of Leiningen led this prelude to the eight campaigns of the Holy Wars that would come to be known as the Crusades. Emich, an important ruler from Swabia, believed he had a cross branded on his flesh that was of Divine origins.

In May of 1096, Emich and his followers swept through the village of Worms pulling Jews from their families and homes and under pressure of his self proclaimed Holy Sword gave them the choice of conversion to Christianity or death. This was not Emich’s first persecution of the Jews. He actually began his campaign back home a month earlier near Speyer. The reason for Emich’s army’s treatment of the Jews was their belief that:

“Since they were the race responsible for the death and crucifixion of Jesus, they deserved nothing better than conversion or death.”

This was a common thread of thought that ignorantly perseveres to this day and is a catalyst for much of the anti-Semitic feelings in the world. Unfortunately Worms would not be the only spot during the Crusader’s route where innocents would die in the name of religion.


  1. This is garbage. Quoting with no sources and just plan anti-christian rhetoric! If you did a little research you would have found the massacre of worms in 1096 was the search for the son of Robert De Paris, the murdered King of West Francia. Religion had nothing to do with it.

  2. wikipedia , is jewish run its very well know , it distorts fact , to suit there narrative , next you will giving links for tv new stations etc lol

  3. A religious, political, and economic power struggle involving all of Europe and the East would claim many innocent lives, while others would perish in battle.

  4. There are numerous accounts of the Crusaders’ conquests of the Holy Land from people who were considered heretics, but there are few accounts of the atrocities committed by those who fought for Christ. – burbank tree removal

  5. This is a sad and disturbing account of the history of anti-Semitism and the violence committed in the name of religion. The massacre of 800 Jews in Worms is a stark reminder of the brutalities that have been inflicted upon minority groups throughout history. The idea that a whole race is responsible for the death of one individual is a baseless and flawed notion that has been used to justify countless acts of violence and oppression. The Crusades were a time of immense conflict and suffering, and it’s important to remember and acknowledge the atrocities that were committed in the name of religion. These events serve as a warning of the dangers of religious extremism and the importance of promoting tolerance and understanding between different cultures and religions. https://junkliberty.com

  6. There were instances of massacres of civilians, including men, women, and children, carried out by Crusaders. The most notorious of these was the massacre of Jerusalem in 1099, where Crusaders killed tens of thousands of Muslims and Jews after capturing the city. These brutalities were condemned by some of the contemporary Christian leaders, including Pope Urban II and Bernard of Clairvaux, who called for a more restrained and just approach to the Crusades. utilities

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