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    Rosicrucians and Freemasonry

    By Bro. John G. Keplinger, Illinois There is, perhaps, no more interesting theory of the origin of Freemasonry than that given by DeQuincey, in his essay on “Rosicrucians and Freemasons.” This account is an expansion [...]
  • templars and the ark
    Templar Reviews & Interviews

    Templars and the Ark? – Opening the Ark of the Covenant

    Templars and the Ark? Order Opening the Ark of the Covenant  From Amazon.com. By Frank Joseph and Laura Beaudoin Paperback: 288 pages Publisher: New Page Books Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-903-9 I must confess that my skin [...]
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    The Cryptic Rite

    The Cryptic Rite The Council of Royal and Select Masters is referred to as Cryptic Masonry and takes its name from the word Crypt having its origins in the Greek language meaning a concealed place [...]
  • Chronology of the Crusades
    The Crusades

    Chronology of the Crusades

    The following Chronology of the Crusades is a brief overview of the various crusades, together with dates and details on each. The Crusades, a series of religious and military campaigns launched by Western Christians between [...]
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    Goose and Gridiron

    An alehouse with this sign, in St. Paul’s Church Yards London. In 1717 the Lodge of Antiquity met at the Goose and Gridiron, and it was there that the first Quarterly Communication of the Grand [...]

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Templar History

Hugh de Payens
Templar History

Hugues de Payens – The First Grand Master

In the two centuries of its formal existence, the Order of the Knights Templar served under 23 Grand Masters. Among these notable leaders, Grand Master Jacques de Molay is particularly renowned, alongside the Order’s founder, […]

Saladin and the Templars
Templar History

Saladin and the Templars: A Clash of Titans

Saladin and the Templars Introduction: Salah al-Din Yusuf bin Ayub, commonly known as Saladin, was a towering figure in the medieval world. As the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, he rose to prominence as the […]

Siege of Ascalon
Templar History

The Siege of Ascalon

The Siege of Ascalon by Stephen Dafoe Excerpted from the book Nobly Born: An Illustrated History of the Knights Templar The Siege of Ascalon On 25 January 1153, the Commander of the City of Jerusalem, […]

The Crusades

Teutonic knights
The Crusades

The Teutonic Knights

The Teutonic Knights of St. Mary’s Hospital of Jerusalem was one of the three great religious and military orders produced by the Crusades. It was founded during the third Crusade, and was the last one […]

True Cross
The Crusades

The True Cross – a Holy relic

Above: The Finding of the True Cross, Agnolo Gaddi, Florence, 1380 One of the outcomes of the Crusades was the production of many religious relics. Among these alleged instruments of Divinity the more common ones […]

Children's Crusade
The Crusades

The Children’s Crusade

Above: The Children’s Crusade, by Gustave Doré The Legend of the Children’s Crusade: A Romantic yet Tragic Tale of Religious Fervor Although the Chronicles of the Crusades often overlook it, the legend of the Children’s […]

Templar Mysteries

Eliphas Levi - Baphomet
Templar Mysteries

Eliphas Levi: The Man Behind Baphomet

Eliphas Levi, Alphonse Louis Constant was born the son of a shoemaker in 1810. At an early age he caught the attentions of a Parish Priest who arranged for Alphonse to be sent to the […]

Rosslyn carving's Templar connection
Templar Mysteries

Rosslyn Carving’s Templar connection

The enigmatic carving discovered at Rosslyn Chapel has been a subject of fascination for many, leading to various speculations of the Rosslyn carving’s Templar connection. This carving (shown above) features what appears to be two […]

Grand Master Jacques deMolay - Bearded Head of the Templars
Templar Mysteries

The Bearded Head of the Templars

Many accusations were leveled against the Knights Templar during the trials that the Order worshiped a Bearded Head of the Templars. The question remains as to what this head was and what was its significance […]

Modern Day Templarism

in hoc signo vinces
Modern Templars

In Hoc Signo Vinces

“In Hoc Signo Vinces,” Latin for “In this sign, you shall conquer,” is a phrase with historical significance that has been associated with Christianity and the Knights Templar. The origin of this motto can be […]

scottish rite - mystic ladder
Modern Templars

The Mystic Ladder

Publisher’s Note: Many of the writings  of early Masonic historians took considerable liberties with Templar History, connecting their lineage to the Freemasons. As such, we present this information on the mystic ladder as a record […]

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