September 18, 2020
  • The Crusades

    Pope Urban II – 1042 – 1099

    By Thesupermat – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link Pope Urban II, the man who was ultimately responsible for the launch of the first Crusade was born Odo de Lagery, although some historical accounts list [...]
  • Templar Reviews & Interviews

    The Trial of the Templars

    Order The Trial of the Templars From By Malcolm Barber Paperback: 408 pages Publisher: Cambridge University Press Language: English ISBN: 978-0521672368 The Details In Brief The Trial of the Templars was written by Malcolm Barber, an [...]
  • Templar Reviews & Interviews

    Templar Code For Dummies

    The Templar Code For Dummies by Chris Hodapp and Alice von Kannon Paperback: 384 pages Publisher: Wiley Language: English ISBN – 13: 978-0470127650 Reviewed by Stephen Dafoe The only thing I don’t like about this [...]
  • Templar Mysteries

    Baphomet: The Pentagram Connection

    It was the nineteenth century Occultist, Eliphas Levi who is falsely credited for first differentiated between the good and evil aspects of the five-pointed star or pentagram. Levi envisioned two points down, as being magical [...]
  • Templar History

    The Templars in Portugal

    An excerpt from The Warriors and the Bankers by Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe Many who have read accounts of how Templars, fleeing the French oppression of 1307, set the fleet towards Portugal where they [...]

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Templar History

Templar History

Who Were The Knights Templar?

by Stephen Dafoe Within two decades of the victory of the First Crusade (1095-1099) a group of knights led by Hugues (Hugh) de Payens offered themselves to the Patriarch of Jerusalem to serve as a […]

Templar History

Garments of the Knights Templar

The original Latin Rule of the Templars lays out in detail what the members of the Order were permitted to wear. These garments were distributed by the Order’s Draper. The biggest distinction between the knights […]

The Crusades

The Crusades

Worms massacre of 1096

Throughout the two centuries of the Templars and the five centuries that occupied the Crusades, many would die – Christian, Moslem and Jew alike. Some would die in battle and many others would die innocent […]

The Crusades

The Children’s Crusade

Above: The Children’s Crusade, by Gustave Doré Although disregarded by historians and seldom mentioned in Chronicles of the Crusades, the legend of the Children’s Crusade is a romantic notion worthy of a glance. As the […]

The Crusades

The Relic Of The True Cross

Above: The Finding of the True Cross, Agnolo Gaddi, Florence, 1380 One of the outcomes of the Crusades was the production of many religious relics. Among these alleged instruments of Divinity the more common ones […]

Templar Mysteries

Modern Templars

The Mystic Ladder

Publisher’s Note: Many of the writings  of early Masonic historians took considerable liberties with Templar History, connecting their lineage to the Freemasons. As such, we present this information as a record of what was considered historic […]

Templar Mysteries

About Rosslyn Chapel

About Rosslyn Chapel The Collegiate Church of St. Matthew or Rosslyn Chapel (as it is more popularly known) was built in the mid-15th century by the First Earl of Caithness, William Sinclair (St. Clair). The […]

Modern Day Templarism

Modern Templars

Masonic Templar Regalia

The regalia worn by the modern day Masonic Knights Templar is a harsh departure from that worn by the Templars of the middle ages. The sharpest contrast is in the amount of ornamentation on the […]

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