November 26, 2022
  • Masonic Dictionary

    Craft Freemasonry

    Blue Lodge There can be no doubt that Blue is the color of the craft lodge. The term Blue Lodge is one that seems to be a North American colloquialism and one wishes would [...]
  • Templar History

    Philip IV – 1268 – 1314

    King Philip IV, commonly referred to as Philip the Fair (le Bel), was born in the year 1268, one hundred and fifty years after the formation of the Knights Templar. Philip was King of France [...]
  • Modern Templars

    A Brief History of the Templar Motors Company

    Above: Templar Sportette by Stephen Dafoe Reprinted From The Scottish Rite Journal March April – 2006 The “Templar Vitalic Top-Valve Motor,” a luxury car of its day, put out a whopping 43 horsepower at 2,100 [...]
  • Templar Reviews & Interviews

    The Youngest Templar: Keeper of the Grail

    by Michael Spradlin Paperback: 272 pages Publisher: Putnam Juvenile Language: English ISBN-13: 978-0399247637 Reviewed by Stephen Dafoe Keeper of the Grail is the first book in a new series of young adult novels by Michael [...]

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Templar History

Templar History

The Templar Hierarchy

The following article is intended as an overview of the Templar’s hierarchy. Please keep in mind that as the Order grew in size and scope new positions were created. The Grand Master The Grand Master […]

Templar History

The Templar Round Church in London

In 335 AD St. Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine, is said to have discovered the Sacred Cave, where Jesus Christ was buried following His crucifixion on Golgotha. Interestingly enough this location was the very same […]

Templar History

Garments of the Knights Templar

The original Latin Rule of the Templars lays out in detail what the members of the Order were permitted to wear. These garments were distributed by the Order’s Draper. The biggest distinction between the knights […]

The Crusades

The Crusades

Worms massacre of 1096

Throughout the two centuries of the Templars and the five centuries that occupied the Crusades, many would die – Christian, Moslem and Jew alike. Some would die in battle and many others would die innocent […]

The Crusades

The Teutonic Knights

The Teutonic Knights of St. Mary’s Hospital of Jerusalem was one of the three great religious and military orders produced by the Crusades. It was founded during the third Crusade, and was the last one […]

The Crusades

The Relic Of The True Cross

Above: The Finding of the True Cross, Agnolo Gaddi, Florence, 1380 One of the outcomes of the Crusades was the production of many religious relics. Among these alleged instruments of Divinity the more common ones […]

Templar Mysteries

Templar Mysteries

The Baphomet Mythos

Central to the accusations brought against the Knights Templar was that they worshipped an idol, said to have taken the form of a head or sometimes a black cat. The Fifth category of accusations states […]

Modern Day Templarism

Modern Templars

Masonic Templar Regalia

The regalia worn by the modern day Masonic Knights Templar is a harsh departure from that worn by the Templars of the middle ages. The sharpest contrast is in the amount of ornamentation on the […]

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