The Scottish Rite Rose Croix

The Scottish Rite Rose Croix

The second portion of the Scottish Rite System of degrees is called The Chapter of Rose Croix. This series of degrees includes the 15th° through to the 18th°.

15 Knight of the East or Sword

The lessons taught in this degree is fidelity to one’s personal convictions. The ritual tells the Biblical story of the Babylonian Captivity and the return of the captives to Jerusalem, wheron they built the Second Temple under the direction of King Cyrus.

16 Prince of Jerusalem

Continuing where the precevious degree left off, this degree teaches the majesty of truth. The ritual tells of the difficulties in building the temple and how Prince Zerubbabel ordered the workmen to work with trowel in one hand and sword in the other.

17 Knight of the East and West

In this degree the word once lost is lost once again. It instructs the mason that the Third Temple of Spiritual Temple is within the heart of man and that it should be built and dedicated to God.

18 Knight Rose Croix

Faith, Hope and Charity are the principles taught in this degree in which the novice is still in search of truth and the lost word. He is taught that Faith, Hope and Charity are the three virtues which will guide him on his journey.

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