The Scottish Rite Consistory

The meetings of members of the Thirty-second Degree, or Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, are called Consistories. The elective officers are, according to the ritual of the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, a Commander-in-Chief, Seneschal, Preceptor, Chancellor, Minister of State, Almoner, Registrar, and Treasurer. In the Northern Jurisdiction it is slightly different, the second and third officers being called Lieutenant-Commanders. A Consistory confers the Thirty-first and Thirty-second Degrees of the Rite in the Southern Jurisdiction, in the Northern Jurisdiction the Consistory confers the Degrees from the nineteenth to the thirty-second inclusive.

– Source: Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

The Consistory – Degrees 31 – 32

The final portion of the Scottish Rite System of degrees is called The Consistory. This series of degrees includes the 31st° through to the 32nd°. In Canada these degrees along with 19-30 make up Consistory. The explanation of the degrees below uses the Canadian titles for the degrees.

31° Inspector Inquisitor Commander

The lesson of the 31st degree is the administration of an impartial justice tempered with firmness. It further reminds us of the frailty and imperfection of human nature. Therefore the candidate is taught to forgive and to pardon while hope remains for reformation.

32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

Originally the 32nd° was a Christian Order of knighthood like the Order of the Temple in the York Rite System, the object being to re-conquer the holy Land and plant the banner of Christendom once more on the ruined walls of Jerusalem. Today the degree teaches that the Freemason should ever be diligent in their war against the ancient enemies of humanity. They are taught to be lovers of wisdom and apostles of the notion of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

Honorary Invitational Degree

33° Inspector General

This degree is by invitation only and initiates to the degree are selected from 32nd° Masons who are no less than 33 years of age. There can also only be 33 33° Masons at one time in any given Supreme Council Jurisdiction.