The Larmenius Charter

The Larmenius Charter:

The Larmenius Charter is a legendary document that has captured the imagination of Freemasons and researchers for centuries. According to the myth, the charter was written in 1646 by Johannes Marcus Larmenius, who claimed to be the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. In this alleged charter, Larmenius is said to have passed the Templar legacy and traditions to the Freemasons, creating a direct link between the two enigmatic orders.

The content and authenticity of the Larmenius Charter have been a subject of much debate among scholars and historians. While some believe it to be a genuine historical artifact connecting the Templars and Freemasons, others dismiss it as an elaborate fabrication or a symbolic creation with no factual basis.

The fascination with the Larmenius Charter lies in its potential to reveal hidden knowledge and bridge the gap between two ancient and secretive societies. However, due to the lack of concrete evidence and the existence of conflicting historical accounts, the charter’s true nature remains an enigma.

Regardless of its authenticity, the Larmenius Charter has become a symbol of the enduring allure and intrigue surrounding the Knights Templar and Freemasonry. It continues to be a topic of exploration and speculation for those seeking to uncover the mysteries of these legendary orders and their potential connections throughout history.

Alleged Larmenius Charter List of Grand Masters

1313-1324 – John-Marc Larmenius

1324-1340 – Thomas Theobald of Alexandria

1340-1349 – Arnaud de Braque

1349-1357 – Jean de Claremont

1357-1381 – Bertrand du Guesclin

1381-1392 – Bernard Arminiacus

1419-1451 – Jean Arminiacus

1451-1472 – Jean de Croy

1472-1478 – Bernard Imbault

1478-1497 – Robert Leononcourt

1497-1516 – Galeatius de Salazar

1516-1544 – Phillippe Chabot

1544-1574 – Gaspard de Galtiaco Tavanensis

1574-1615 – Henri de Montmorency

1615-1651 – Charles de Valois

1651-1681 – Jacques Ruxellius de Granceio

1681-1705 – Jacques Henri Duc de Duras

1705-1724 – Phillippe, Duc d’Orleans

1724-1737 – Louis Augustus Bourbon

1737-1741 – Louis Henri Bourbon Conde

1741-1776 – Louis-Francois Boubon Conti

1776-1792 – Louis-Hercule Timoleon, Duc de Cosse Brissac

1792-1804 – Claude-Mathieu Radix de Chavillon

1804-1838 – Bernard Raymond Fabre Palaprat

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