Militi Templi Scotia

Knights Templar - Templar Seal - Militi Templi Scotia

The Order incorporates Militi Templi Scotia, which is the historical Scottish title of the Order.

The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, which is the International name.

Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymilitani, the Latin name


a) The organisation is an Order of Knights Templar

  1. b) The Order is an ecumenical Christian organisation
  2. c) The Order is democratic
  3. d) The Order is apolitical

The aim of the Order is to serve God and Scotland, and to foster international brotherhood

In pursuit of the aim to serve God and Scotland, members of this Templar order engage in activities which:

  1. a) Help preserve, and be the Guardians of Scotland�s traditions, culture and heritage
  2. b) To promote Chivalry, and promulgate the understanding of Scotland�s History.
  3. c) Support charitable interests

Membership of the Order is normally only open to professing Christians.

In keeping with the ecumenical nature of the Order a broad definition of the term “professing Christian” is applied and membership may be open to all men and women who support Chivalric Christian Ideals. People of high ideals who hold other beliefs may also be admitted to membership Members may be absolved from any ritual practices of the Order which may be contrary to the practices of their religious beliefs.

The Order is opposed to sexism and welcomes lady members without restriction on opportunity.

The Order welcomes members from all ethnic backgrounds without restriction on opportunity.

Preceptors have authority to admit Squires.

A majority vote of the Grand Council is required to empower the Grand Prior to admit a member of Chivalry to the grade of Chevalier or above according to the admission procedures as described in the Bye-laws.

The Grand Council may by majority vote at a meeting of the Grand Council expel any member from the Chivalry or re-instate any member to membership of the Chivalry.

There is an honorary grade of membership with admission at the discretion of the Grand Prior.


Does the Order need new members?
Yes of course the Members of Chivalry are the lifeblood Of the Order.

What can the Order do for me ?
This is the wrong question. Templars ask instead what can I do for the Order? Membership is quite literally an opportunity to serve.

Is membership available on application?
No there are both informal and formal vetting procedures.

How are new members introduced ?
Most New members are invited to become a member,there is an honorary life membership, which is awarded to individuals who have served their country well, and whom the Order considers justifies such an honour. Among those who have been honoured in such a way was the Late Michael Bentine O.B.E. who received an Honorary Knighthood in 1994.

Henry Lincoln ( author and writer of many books ) received an honorary life Membership in autumn 2003 at Newbattle Abbey for the vast contribution to Templar and mediaeval history that he has made over the last 30 years.

New Members are usually recommended by a personal friend or contact within the Order, but anyone seriously interested in learning more about the Order is welcome to seek contact with a local Preceptory who would typically respond with an opportunity to attend a Templar social event by way of initial introduction.

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