Baphomet theories: What’s In A Name?

Baphomet theories

Baphomet theories – what was the connection of this strange-sounding name to the Templars if any? Over the years since the fall of the Knights Templar many scholars have tried to ascertain the etymology of the word, with little success. Below we present some of those etymological theories for the readers further edification into this the greatest of the Templar mysteries:

Baphomet Theories: A Corruption Of The Name Mahomet (Mohammed)

Some scholars hold that Baphomet is Old French for Mohammed, the Islamic prophet. Others contend that Baphomet is merely a corruption or mispronunciation of the same name. In either case if the Templars admitted to following Mohammed or Mahomet, then they would clearly be heretics in the eyes of the inquisition. It is almost certain that at least some members of the order adopted Islamic practices from their involvement with them in Outremer. This still does not explain the connection with Baphomet as an idol.

It is held that the Baphomet was an idol of one sort or another venerated by the order. If we take this as fact, then the word Baphomet as a corruption of Mahomet doesn’t hold. Islamic faith forbids all idols. If the Templars converted to Islam as some suggest, then an idol of Mohammed would not have been likely at all.

Baphomet Theories: A Corruption Of The Arabic Term, Abufihamat

The meaning of the word is “Father of Understanding” or “Father of Wisdom.” It is a term used to refer to a Sufi Master. In Arabic, father is taken to mean source. If this is the case, this could imply God. The Templars were quite likely to have come in contact with Sufism while in the Holy Land and many believe they absorbed some of their practices into the Templar rituals.

For an interesting theory on The Abufihamet connection you must read Baphomet: A Mystery Solved At Last? by Kevin Bold, which is available on this web site.

Baphomet Theories: From The Greek Words, Baph and Metis

This theory claims that the word Baphomet is derived from two Greek words Baph and Metis meaning “Baptism of Wisdom.” The Templars are said to have worshipped a head. One of the theories stands that this head was none other than the head of John the Baptist. If this were true, then some support could be laid towards the Greek origin etymology.


Baphomet Theories: Atbash Cipher For The Greek Word Sophia

Dr. Hugh Schonfield, one of the scholars who worked on the Dead Sea Scrolls believed the Word Baphomet was applied with the Knowledge of the Atbash Cipher. The Atbash Cipher is a Hebrew code which substitutes the first letter of the alphabet for the last and the second letter for the second last and so on. When Baphomet is applied to this code, it generates the Greek word Sophia that is translated in English as “Wisdom.”

Baphomet Theories: A Latin Code For Solomon’s Temple

Eliphas Levi believed the name could be reversed, fleshed out and formed into a phrase that made a reference to King Solomon’s Temple. For more information on this, see the page on Eliphas Levi’s connection to the Baphomet Mythos

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