The Templars and Tomar

A video by Dom Gil Martins on the Knights Templar / Knights of Christ property in Tomar Portugal.

From the period of 1143-1190, the Knights Templar presence in Portugal became stronger by the year. The castle of Langrovia was donated by Fernao Mendes and his wife the Infanta Sancha Henrique, who was the sister of King Henrique, and with whom Templars had worked in previous times. Later in 1159, the order was granted Castle Ceras, which was, at the time, little more than a ruin. The Portuguese Templar Master, Gualdim Pais decided to construct a new fortress in the area, which he commenced one year later in 1160. This fortress was to be built in nearby Tomar. This particular piece of Templar architecture survives to this day and is not only a principle tourist attraction in Portugal, but is considered by many to be both a mystical and spiritual place.


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