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The Templar Hierarchy

The following article on Templar Hierarchy is intended as an overview. Please keep in mind that as the Order grew in size and scope, new positions were created. The Grand Master The Grand Master was […]

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Templar History

Who Were The Knights Templar?

Who were the Knights Templar? Within two decades of the victory of the First Crusade (1095-1099), a group of knights led by Hugues (Hugh) de Payens offered themselves to the Patriarch of Jerusalem to serve […]

Templar Grand Masters - Jacques de Molay
Templar History

The Templar Grand Masters

The Templar Grand Masters – Overview and entourage Within the Templar hierarchy, the Grand Master was absolute ruler of the Order and answerable only to the pope. Although his position was a powerful one, he […]

Siege of Ascalon
Templar History

The Siege of Ascalon

The Siege of Ascalon by Stephen Dafoe Excerpted from the book Nobly Born: An Illustrated History of the Knights Templar The Siege of Ascalon On 25 January 1153, the Commander of the City of Jerusalem, […]

Battle of Montgisard
Templar History

The Battle of Montgisard

Above Battle of Montgisard by Charles-Philippe Larivière Battle of Montgisard by Stephen Dafoe The following article, part one in a series on Templar Battles, is adopted from Stephen Dafoe’s book Nobly Born: An Illustrated History […]