Baphomet enigma
Templar Mysteries

The Baphomet Enigma

The Baphomet Enigma by Stephen Dafoe In his 1972 science fiction novel, Baphomet’s Meteor, French author Pierre Barbet crafts an entertaining story of alternative history about the Knights Templar and the demonic entity known as […]

Grand Master Jacques deMolay - Bearded Head of the Templars
Templar Mysteries

The Bearded Head of the Templars

Many accusations were leveled against the Knights Templar during the trials that the Order worshiped a Bearded Head of the Templars. The question remains as to what this head was and what was its significance […]

Masonic Knights Templar - York Rite
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Masonic Knights Templar

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “How do I become a Masonic Knights Templar?” Masonic Templarism is one branch of what is commonly called The York Rite. Freemasonry has, since its […]

True Cross
The Crusades

The True Cross – a Holy relic

Above: The Finding of the True Cross, Agnolo Gaddi, Florence, 1380 One of the outcomes of the Crusades was the production of many religious relics. Among these alleged instruments of Divinity the more common ones […]

The Knights Templar - Knights Templar Clothing - Templar Hierarchy
Templar History

The Knights Templar

The Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, or, as it is otherwise called, Knights Templar, was founded in Palestine in the 12th century by the Crusaders. The Order […]

baphomet origins
Templar History

Templar Era Kings: A chronology

Chronology Of The Kings Of Jerusalem The following is a list of the Kings of Jerusalem during the Templar era (1118 – 1314). It is important to note that although Godfroi de Boullion is listed […]